Concerned Neighbor Call Prompts Hazardous Materials Call
By Member Mark Oeltgen
July 31, 2017

A concerned resident on Tully Ave smelled an odor that caused them concern. The odor was coming from the creek behind their house, and it was due to a sizable diesel fuel spill that was making its way down the creek from a storm drain. The source of the spill had not yet fully been determined by night fall, but fire crews, along with City of Prospect Heights Public Works personnel were able stop the spread further down stream. 3 separate dyking and damming locations had stopped the flow of fuel into the retention pond along Euclid Ave in Rob Roy Golf Coarse. Metropolitain Water Reclaimation District personnel arrived and assumed responsibility for further investigation, as well as further clean up plans. The process of stopping the flowing fuel spill was achieved by using absorbent "booms" that allow water to pass through them, but stop, hold and absorb the intended material (in this case being a petroleum product).

The original call was dispatched to the fire department at 17:12 Hrs, and the scene was turned over to Metropolitain Water Rec Dist at 19:39 Hrs.

Units: Engine 9, Battalion 9, Squad 9