Prospect Heights and Wheeling Firefighters Train Together in Water Pumping Excercises
By Member Mark Oeltgen
July 31, 2017

Recently crews from the Prospect Heights Fire District and The Wheeling Fire Dept performed relay pumping evolutions together. Since many areas of Prospect Height don't have fire hydrants, crews sometimes need to pump water several hundred feet from a fire hydrant or pond to a fire scene. Similarly, Wheeling has several very large structures that could necessitate water being pumped from distant hydrants to suplement large water flows for big fires. Crews worked on radio commmunications, while pumping the water, because precision is needed when flowing such large volumes of water. Typical large flows are achieved through "Large Diameter Hose" which is fire hose 5 inches in diameter. These flows can be between 1,000 and 2,000 gallons per minute. In a comparision to weight, that water is between 4 and 8 TONS of water per minute.