Changes made in the Board of Trustees and Fire Commission positions
By D/C Timothy Jones
February 21, 2018

On Feb. 20, Board President Jon Tammen appointed Sam Dix to the Fire Commission for the Prospect Heights Fire Protection District. Fire commissioners are responsible for all matters related to the hiring, promotion or discipline of the district's members. The commission is comprised of a three-member board. Sam is a Rob Roy resident and a retired volunteer Deputy Fire Chief with the Mount Prospect fire department.

In the coming weeks, Joanne Twomey will be moving from the Fire Commission's board to the Board of Trustees to serve as a trustee. Ms. Twomey has served as a fire commissioner since its inception in 2009. Now, Joanne will serve as a trustee and help lead the fire district at the strategic level. Joanne will be filling the board vacancy created when Martin Kennelly retired from serving on the board for six years.

Thank you all for your dedicated service and please welcome Sam to our family.

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