Early Morning House Fire Quickly Extinguished
By Fire Chief Drew Smith
December 28, 2018

Prospect Heights firefighters were dispatched at 25 minutes after midnight to a reported fire at 107 North SCHOENBECK Road in Prospect Heights. A passerby spotted smoke coming from the roof area. Once Prospect Heights firefighters arrived on the scene they discovered the building was charged with smoke and smoke was coming from multiple areas of the roof.

A quick search of the building determined it was on occupied and the fire was in the crawlspace area. The fire was quickly extinguished. The walls and the ceiling were checked for any spread of the fire. None was discovered. Much of the home had sustained smoke and water damage.

During the initial fire attack, one firefighter did fall through a hole in the floor into the crawlspace. That firefighter was not injured and other firefighters immediately assisted him out of the crawlspace and the fire attack continued.

Prospect Heights and Wheeling firefighters along with firefighters from seven other area fire departments is assisted in extinguishing the blaze. This area of Prospect Heights is not serviced by fire hydrants so water tanker trucks from Palatine Rural fire department and Elk Grove Township fire department were requested to respond and reinforce efforts.

The home was unoccupied at the time of the fire. Prospect Heights police were able to locate the homeowner who is not currently residing in the home apparently due to renovations underway.

As of 3:00AM the cause of the fire remains under investigation.

The Prospect Heights Fire District would like to remind everyone that working smoke detectors and residential fire sprinkler save lives.