Visiting the 2nd Grade at Betsy-Ross School
By Battalion Chief Mark Oeltgen
March 14, 2019

Members from RED Shift stopped in today to see the Second Graders. All second grade classes went down to the library at Betsy Ross School to receive a review in fire prevention and escape plans in case of fire at the children's home. Lt Markus Rill, and Fire Fighters Erich Dye and Michael Lynch, reviewed calling 911, and what to do, and what not to do in case of a fire. Children were asked if they knew where their outside meeting place is incase of a fire at home. Most kids needed to have this reinforced, and were given "Home Work" to ask their parents when they got home. Children also observed a fire fighter dressing out in his protective fire fighter suit, and how he sounded with the air mask on. Children were also shown a video showing how modern houses have more rapid fire spread due to the types of furniture built today, verses furniture from 40 years ago. This helped drive home the point of "Get Low and Go", crawling quickly to exit the home incase of smoke or fire.
Thanks to Betsy Ross for the invitation- we were able to educate more than 150 kids today-----WIN!

Units: Engine 9, Ambulance 9