Ice Covered Bridge Leads To A Four Car Accident
By Battalion Chief Scott Olsen
April 15, 2019

Prospect Heights Fire Protection District along with mutual aid response from the Wheeling Fire Department responded to a car into the bridge wall on Palatine road west of Sanders. Engine 39 arrived on the scene and found Palatine road from the frontage exit onto the bridge to be covered in "Black Ice". Engine 39 found four vehicles involved in the accident with two of the four patients requiring medical services and transportation to a hospital. Battalion 9 along with a member from Engine 39 blocked both lanes with a vehicle and set up cones to divert traffic onto the frontage lanes away from the accident scene. Prospect Heights Police along with Glenview and Cook County helped with traffic and scene safety.
Please be careful while driving on the roadways and pay attention to the emergency workers on the roadway. SLOW DOWN AND STAY SAFE.