Retirement, Promotion, and Appointment Ceremony
By Fire Chief Drew Smith
January 11, 2019

On Thursday, January 3 the Prospect Heights Fire Protection District conducted ceremonies for BC Grzeslo, BC Cossman, LT Hedman, and FF Thomson.

These members spent a great deal of their personal time off duty attending educational programs that prepared them to succeed in the very competitive testing process.

BC Grzeslo performed an inspection of the members, was presented with a ceremonial axe commemorating his service (thank you DC Jones for making those arrangements) and an American Flag that was specifically flow over Station 9 that day in his honor. Al then offered some personal remarks reflecting on his 26 years of service with the PHFD.

BC Cossman and LT Hedman took the Oath of Office and were presented with their badges and helmets. Kelly and Kevin each had their wife pin on their new badge.

Will Thomson took the Oath of Office and was presented with his badge. Will’s father pinned on his new badge.

The event was well attended by PHFD members, trustees, and commissioners as well as several members of other FDs and RED Center, many of our police officers, and the family and friends of those retiring, being promoted, and appointed.