Is That Line Alive???
By Member Anthony Roma
April 22, 2019

On Monday, April 22nd, 2019, PHFD fire units responded to 2 E. Euclid for a reported fire burning near a structure. First arriving fire units found a wood fence along the east side of the parking lot for Chase Bank on fire, started by a downed power line from the Com Ed pole behind the fence. Fire crews verified with dispatch that Com Ed shut down the power to this section before attempting any work on the fire. Power shut down was verified and the fire was quickly extinguished and damage was kept to a small section of the fence. After investigation of the scene, it was found that a power line had detached from the pole and dropped down into the shrubbery below igniting the dry brush and wooden fence.

Lesson to be learned for the public is this... DO NOT APPROACH A DOWN LINE! Unless Com Ed has verified that the power has been shut down for that downed line, do not go near it. If you see a downed line, report it to Com Ed or call 9-1-1. Do not trust that downed line being powerless unless verified by professionals. Power lines can fall at any time, not just during storms. Remember that electricity can travel through metal and water. If you find a downed line on a fence, do not touch the fence. If that line is on the ground, stay away from the immediate area, especially when the ground is wet. If you're involved in a vehicle accident and a down power line comes down in contact or on top of your vehicle, STAY IN THE VEHICLE! Do not attempt to exit. Wait for the professionals to verify that the power for that line is down and they tell you it is safe to exit. Be aware and be safe!

Units: Squad 9, Tower 9, Battalion 9