PHFD Firefighters Handle Multiple Fire and Rescue Calls
By Fire Chief Drew Smith
April 24, 2020

The past few weeks have seen several fire calls for PHFD firefighters.

March 18 a pilot declared an emergency scrambling fire trucks from the Prospect Heights and Wheeling. As the pilot worked to land plane, firefighters stood by at the airport in constant contact with the air traffic controllers ready to react should tragedy occur. Fortunately, the pilot landed without incident and no injuries or fire occurred.

On the late evening of April 3 a truck driver discovered a small fire spreading in his truck. Firefighters arrived and used a hose to extinguish the fire before it could spread into the cab or sleeper unit destroying it.

On the evening of April 13 a driver departed Old Willow Road and crashed into a pond. Firefighters arrive and assisted the driver who was then checked out by paramedics. A quick search of the pond ensured no one else who may have been in the car drowned. Police investigated the matter.

Mid-morning on April 16 Prospect Heights firefighters assisted Wheeling firefighters at a fire in a factory in their village. Quick work but the two departments prevented millions of dollars in damage and a loss of many jobs. The two departments work together regularly to mitigate large emergencies.