Firefighter/Paramedic Nicholas Fuderer Named PHFD 2020 Firefighter of the Year
By Fire Chief Drew Smith
December 23, 2020

Firefighter/Paramedic Nicholas Fuderer Named PHFD 2020 Firefighter of the Year

The Prospect Heights Fire Protection District is pleased to announce that Nicholas Fuderer has been named its 2020 Firefighter of the Year. Fire Chief Drew Smith presented Firefighter Fuderer with the award.

This year seven members nominated three of their peers for the honor with Firefighter/Paramedic Fuderer receiving the most votes. Here is what the nominating members had to say:

I'd like to take this time to nominate FF Fuderer for firefighter of the year. FF Fuderer has taken on the task of precepting multiple paramedic students with different backgrounds. This requires a lot of additional man hours on top of his normal daily duties. Also, FF Fuderer took on the challenge of researching and specing out new EMS bags, which many members support. He found new bags that best fit the needs of our department and researched the best way to deploy them. With his efforts he will make the delivery of service much more effective and efficient. Without his positive attitude and effort the PHFD and its members would not be able to deliver the same high level of service our citizens expect from us on a daily basis. I appreciate your time and consideration. Thanks,
-FF Carnes

I recommend Nick Fuderer. Nick has taken like a duck to water for us, even in the short time he’s been here. He helps all the time with the new guys training, driving/ engineer training, and has been serving as a preceptor for several provisional medics. He is also rock solid on emergent calls for both fire and EMS.
-BC Mark Oeltgen

My nomination for FFOTY is Nick Fuderer. He always represents the Fire District well and always goes above and beyond the call of duty. Nick shows up with the F.I.R.E attitude. He has volunteered to be a preceptor and is always working with new members. Additionally Nick is heading up getting new gear bags for the Ambulances and Fire Trucks. His effort deserves to be recognized.
-FF Thomson

Fuderer has been a member of the PHFD since July of 2018. He was already a state-licensed paramedic and state-certified firefighter when he began serving on the PHFD. In his two and one-half years with the PHFD, he has become a valued firefighter/paramedic as well as a fire apparatus engineer. His many contributions make the PHFD a better place.

“Nick is upbeat with a positive, can-do attitude and is a real pleasure to work with. He pitches in wherever he can and does not hesitate to get involved. Nick never says no and treats the routine work with the same dedication that he gives when saving a life.” said Chief Smith.

Since 1991, firefighters have nominated one of their peers for this award. Each member bases their nomination decision on the following criteria: training and performance, performance on emergency incidents, general leadership, helping other members of the department, involvement in special projects, and overall positive attitude towards the department, its members, and the public. The nominations and ballots are circulated to the members and following voting, the firefighter with the most votes is named the Firefighter of the Year.

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