PH Firefighter/Paramedics Review Auto Extrication Skills
By Fire Chief Drew Smith
May 28, 2021

Much has changed in auto occupant protection over the past 30 years. Cars react to protect the occupants rather than contribute to injuries. In many cases we arrive to find a mangled, destroyed auto but the occupants are not trapped and injuries are not severe. As such, we use our skills less but keeping them sharp and ready is no less important. Whether we rescue one or 100 people, each time are called to duty we must be more than ready to perform at a high level.

Gene’s Village Towing/Wheel Inn provided our three shifts with cars for auto extrication practice. We used all the tools: Jaws of Life cutter, spreader and rams, struts for cars on their side or roof, air cutting guy, and a whole lot more.

The ability to practice by cutting, spreading, prying, bending, etc. on actual cars is invaluable and makes us better prepared when called upon in a rescue. We couldn’t do this without the support of Gene’s/Wheel Inn. Thank you Gene’s!