Lieutenant Jason Hardy Named PHFD 2021 Firefighter of the Year
By Fire Chief Drew Smith
December 21, 2021

The Prospect Heights Fire Protection District is pleased to announce that Lieutenant Jason Hardy has been named its 2021 Firefighter of the Year. Fire Chief Drew Smith presented Lieutenant Hardy with the award.

This year three members each nominated one of their peers for the honor with Lieutenant Hardy receiving the most votes. Here is what the nominating member had to say:

“My nomination for firefighter of the year in 2021 is Lieutenant Jason Hardy. It has been a pleasure to work with Jason during his 1st year as a Lieutenant. Jason has blossomed in the role and I couldn’t be more proud of him. Jason demonstrates leadership both in the fire house, and also on emergency incidents. I appreciate the ability for Jason to think “outside of the box”. I value this in a leader and it promotes change. Jason is heavily involved in behind-the-scenes projects. These projects include the institution of 1st Due for pre-plans, pushing for changes in our fire house reporting with 1st Due, being a member of the foreign fire board, continuing to be a member of the Division 3 Hazmat Team, helping update forms on Vector Solutions, and providing guidance to many of our new members. Jason has also worked an enormous amount of hours to help fill openings for the fire district. This is a commitment that creates challenges in one’s personal life. Jason always has a positive attitude and is pushing for positive change. I can respect that. Jason performed very well at the box alarm fire at 16 E. Old Willow and demonstrated great leadership skills. Thanks Jason for all of your efforts in 2021 and I look forward to many more productive years working by your side.”

Lieutenant Hardy has been a member of the PHFD since 2005. In his 16 years with the PHFD, he has been a valued firefighter/paramedic and lieutenant. His many contributions make the PHFD a better place.

“Jason has many good ideas and takes on several projects. He does not hesitate to get involved. Jason has also done much to prepare himself for future roles in the organization” said Chief Smith.

Since 1991, firefighters have nominated one of their peers for this award. Each member bases their nomination decision on the following criteria: training and performance, performance on emergency incidents, general leadership, helping other members of the department, involvement in special projects, and overall positive attitude towards the department, its members, and the public. The nominations and ballots are circulated to the members and following voting, the firefighter with the most votes is named the Firefighter of the Year.